At the core of every human lies the other, the untamed beast within. An anomalous creature we detain for fear of it ever escaping; for how might one be perceived if the unabashed other was liberated? For one evening only, within a space of temporary liberation, witness the perverse freak divulge those repressed and private subjects that derive from the other to the public through the process of becoming: by transcoding that other from the transcendental realm to the flesh.


Fuck Eros. The Feast of Becoming. questions assumed sexual morality, by transgressing the actual function of female thought which is exempt from any moral concern and unfettered by aesthetic and social obligations.

Fuck Eros. The Feast of Becoming. investigates online pornography, erotics, orgasmic pleasure and materiality. The polymorphic being in the work is a regenerated creature, one which was invented though the documentation of Charlotte's own erotics. Through the use of prosthetics, Charlotte has transformed her body to create a hybrid creature that is neither male nor female, human nor animal. It is a body of multiplicity and irregularity: penises, vaginas, bum holes, tongues and nipples protrude from the body from unlikely oozing orifices. It is an image of a metamorphosis into a body that is simultaneously exalting and debasing its fleshiness in the world.

Performances: Duckie, London (March 2016), UnShut Festival (May 2017), Laurie Grove Studios, London (July 2015).

Prosthetics Artist: Christopher Fitzpatrick

Sound Design: Sandy Clark

Photography: Briar Boyko